The History of Surveillance Systems in Gambling

Surveillance camera systems are important equipments in gambling dens. Since huge amounts of money are involved, casino operators have enforced strict measures to apprehend people who will try to cheat in order to win the prize money.

The lure of winning can grow into an addiction. Over the years, people have used various cheating methods in order to beat the house. These methods may include palming, card switching, or game fixing through electronic gadgets. One of the latest cheating attempts that have been recorded in the annals of gambling history was that of Dennis McAndrew. In 1998, he and his cohorts were tried after being caught cheating in a slot machine game. Using hand-held gadgets, McAndrew's group rigged slot machines to make it payout every time they play. Prior to being caught, Dennis McAndrew and his gang netted almost $17 million in total winnings.

After the incident involving Dennis McAndrew, gambling halls exerted more effort in restoring the integrity of their games. They strengthened their security by using state-of-the-art surveillance systems. These cameras have been installed to monitor unusual movement in not only the gambling area but also in other vital places such as escalators, hallways, elevators, and retail stores. Now, surveillance systems are in place in nearly every portion of a casino or casino hotels, excluding the restroom. Likewise, surveillance cameras monitor both front and back passage to casinos.

Other casinos use surveillance technology as a method of managing their assets. Wireless motion sensors are connected to gaming machines and any movement will trigger the alarm.

Gambling commissions now realize the importance of integrating surveillance technology to risk managing risks. The Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS) of the federal government limits the minimum recording speed of cameras to 20 frames a second. It also requires that captured pictures should have sufficient clarity.

However, gaming commissions are in doubt whether certain images captured by surveillance cameras will hold in legal proceedings. In fact, gambling industry experts are one in believing that DVR evidence will be more admissible, but it still has to be proven in court.

Still, gambling commissions require gambling dens to install surveillance camera systems. After all, no matter how state-of-the art surveillance systems in gambling joints are, cheating attempts will continue to thrive. No amount of monitoring or scrutiny will put an end to efforts to beat the casino. Most of the time, the efforts of these perpetrators are futile and they end up being caught and apprehended. Once in a while, there would be people who would succeed and benefit from the crime. However, with surveillance cameras in place, it would be a matter of time before scammers would be caught.